Welcome – Russian New Year Show in Vancouver!

If you are looking for the Russian Yolka in Vancouver (Русская Елка в Ванкувере) look no further!

We will be happy to see you with your kids at our new season’s show at the end of December at Scottish Center in Vancouver.

Vancouver Theatrical Society unites people of different nationalities, various age and absolutely different professions. All of us – different. But all of us are united and supported by the general love to theater.

Our team sets a goal not simply to create theatrical shows for children and adults, but to unite people and we want to give the chance literally to everyone to show off their abilities and talents. Among our participants there is a lot of children and teenagers. For them theater is both a game and absolutely unique experience. Children learn to think creatively, to bear responsibility, to distribute time competently, to overcome excitement and what is the most important, at the end they realize that to give away energy, effort and time is a great pleasure.

Our theatrical society is not a closed club. We invite everyone who loves theater , who wants to self-grow, who needs to fulfill their creative potential!

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