Are you someone interested in the arts, theater, and celebrating the New Year?

Awesome, look no more!
Our organization is a great place to volunteer at because our community has great people that all have artistic talents and bond togetherto great something truly fun, and spectacular. If you would like to volunteer, there are many different things you can do in our society, for example acting, writing, photography, costume designing and making. Everyone and anyone is welcome and we are sure we can put your skills/talents to good use, and you may learn many things in the process.


Our rehearsals start in September where we go over the script and decide who is doing what. Our rehearsals are usually on Saturdays at 5 pm every week. If you desire to be one of our actors you must be available on most practices.

But, there are many other things you can help with that don’t require you to attend every rehearsal. 

If you would like to join, you must be over 10 years old, or younger but with a parent also volunteering.

To join, contact us at [email protected].

URGENT! Right now we are looking for a male 20+ years of age to play the role of Baba Yaga In our next show called “New Year Adventures of Robin Hood”. Must be fluent in Russian.