Gulnaz Yamaleeva – the Screenwriter and the Director.

gulia-avatar“I create this show because I’d love to please and amuse children who love Holidays, New Year’s celebrations as much as I do and believe in magic asmuch as I do”.

Dasha Kalyuk-Klyuchareva

14696906_645082905671457_1215728407_nI love everything about art. From theater and painting to music. This theater is a great opportunity for me to participate in art and I love every minute of it.

Nina Gerasimova

14696906_645082905671457_1215728407_nI am really happy to participate in this new year show. I love watching the enthusiasm of children and adults, and I really want to have a place for magic and happiness in our lives.

Vladimir Samohin

volodiaAs I got older, the art of playing different characters pulled my interest in.

Maya Bondar

MayaI’ve always loved theater and the stage but I never really had time for it. I was elated when they asked me to participate in this new year show.

Tetiana Kaliuk

Tatiana-150I always loved theater and new year spirit. This is very special holiday, magical. It is very inspiring to be part of the magic creation.

Vitaliy Lazovskih, sound engineer

Vitali-150I am elated that I have an opportunity to give children the joy of new year story, because in our childhood, we were also given this joy. This way we can also save the culture and language for our children.

Vika Samohina

VikaI have always dreamed to be an actress, and now my dream is coming true…

Veronika Samohina

VeronikaI love fairy tales, magic, music, dance, and theater has it all.

Olga Samohina

ОльгаTheatre gives me a great opportunity to travel back in time to my childhood and to believe in miracle again.

Valentina Morley

ValiaI decided to participate because I always loved the stage since I was a little girl. When I was five I started to focus a lot on dancing and since then I cannot go through life without dancing and performing.

Ania Vorontsova

AniaI like arts and theater. And I always wanted to do it in reality.

Natalia Butenko (realtor) & Anton Korbut (macho)

nata-avatarКorButenKo – this couple is a heap of tireless energy when staying on a stage! “Anyhow, after all it is demanded by our Souls, and a stage is a perfect place to fool around for pleasure of others and our own!”

Yury Kornilov

Youri-Kornilov “I like active lifestyle.”

Maria Terehova

Маша-150Theatre helps me express my creativity. When I am on stage, I get to build a whole new character. I get to think in a different way, in that connects the audience to the stage.

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