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This year the Vancouver Theatrical Society DOM will submit to attention of the audience the children’s musical “New Year’s Adventures of the Puss in Boots”. In this fairy tale there will be many games, dances of cheerful jokes, and, of course, beautiful music. We are sure that the cheerful New Year’s story will charm both our younger audience, and their parents. After all , games, dances and music are loved by everybody.

In the program of a New Year’s Holiday:

  1. Musical show “New Year’s Adventures of the Puss in Boots”
  2. Games and dancing competitions
  3. Gifts from the grandfather Moroz
  4. Cheerful disco for children and adults
  5. In the foyer the Buffet offering sweets and treats.

You will meet the old beloved fairy tale heroes and you will get acquainted with the new ones.
We picked up a remarkable team. All of us together were busy creating the Russian Yolka which was taking place in the Serbian Center. Audience, certainly remembers Mischa Larin as the Silly King and the Baba-Yaga, many noted magnificent suits which were thought up and sewed by Alex Fain, Natasha Butenko fascinated the audience as Atamansha and Kikimora. Andrey Makovetsky for two years in a row took part in New Year Performances and was remembered by the cheerful roles of a Bandit and a Dog. (2012 photos)

Peretz centre: 6184 Ash St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3G9

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